Spectacle Life

The Spectacle was a little project of mine that explored the idea of building a small apparel brand around the idea of championing the ‘process’ of things and recognizing it as a valuable element as much as the end result.

It was a valuable experience, but ultimately short-lived. The cost of production at the quantities I was producing was too difficult to fulfill, and simply required far more marketing than I could afford at the time. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t mind being able to pick it up again and seeing where it takes me. Perhaps someday…

In the meantime, I’ve maintained the Spectacle in some form over at Society 6. Here, you can find prints maybe for your place and a few other items that might be of interest to you. Have a look and let me know what you think about it!

Greyscale_model-1200x700 KingSpecs_model-1200x700 Oceans_model-1200x700 OldBoy_model-1200x700 Perseverance_model-1200x700 Poindexter_model-1200x700



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