Jack ‘n Jill – Lobster Flavoured Chips

Capturing the French origins of the lobster bisque, Jack ’n Jill Hong Kong wanted to bring to market a new product that embodied the rich flavours of the bisque as a new potato chip product.

Our team explored concepts of French Fine Dining, An Afternoon in Paris, and From the Sea to your Table. Each concept had their own strengths, but as we worked more with the Jack ’n Jill team the picture became clearer and ‘An afternoon in Paris’ stood out to be the direction to pursue.


At that point, we continued exploring different executions based on the concept of ‘An afternoon in Paris’ by exploring the different associations one might have of what it means to spend a romantic afternoon in Paris.


From here, the client signed off and we successfully went to execute the idea…


This project was completed while at CBA Asia Ltd.


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